Traditions and Products

altIn the natural park you’ll find traditions with a strong personality, befitting to their mountainous character. But, above all, you’ll get to know people who love their land, though circumstances often oblige them to move away from it.

People who remain attached to their traditions but, away from the well-worn paternalistic clichés that speak of the noble and sensitive villager, who are also rapidly incorporating themselves into the globalised society of new technologies, with all of its beacons and shadows, and making an effort to modernise their economy and offer products and services that are competitive and that have high standards of quality and environmental sustainability.

Inherent cultural elements are present in the mountain society together with others brought by the inhabitants who emigrated to later return, as well as new inhabitants who have arrived with their own points of view. New technologies and greater mobility are removing the physical and psychological barriers that the population of these ranges had to confront in the past.



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