This is another example of the cereal-based gastronomy of JaƩn. It represents another way of serving fried flour dough. A simple dish, it was easily accompanied by anything found in the larder, irrespective of the time of year.

This is an example of inexpensive but imaginative cooking, offering a dish that is almost free of ingredients, a rich source of energy that fills the stomach during the long working day in the forest or whilst resting with the livestock. Gachamiga, like many other dishes, was eaten around the frying pan.

. Flour
. Garlic
. Extra virgin olive oil
. Water
. Salt


. Fried green dried peppers, known as pajarillos de huerta
. Dried and fried cucumber skins, a traditional accompaniment in the Sierra
. Dried tomatoes
. Chorizo and belly pork
. A selection of fruits (grapes, melon, cherriesā€¦)
. Anchovies, sardines, dressed olivesā€¦

Make a paste with flour, water and salt. Make a cut in the middle of each clove, heat the frying pan and fry the garlic and then remove.

Add the flour paste, turning regularly until it becomes loose, crumbly and crunchy.

Serve accompanied by the garnish, fried green dried peppers, chorizo, belly pork, a selection of fruits, anchovies, sardines, etc.


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