Cod cooked with onions

All fish, apart from fresh trout, was traditionally salted in this region for preservation and prior to consumption. Thus, cod is deeply entrenched in the Province of JaƩn. This is particularly true in mountain areas, owing to their greater degree of isolation, where the only fish available was salted sea fish.

As a result, cod with onions is a staple of many Spanish regional kitchens, where salting has afforded the possibility of fish, particularly cod. This onion-based dish is singular as a result of the aroma of thyme and the mashed ingredients that are incorporated.


. 1 kg desalted cod fish
. Ā½ kg onions
. 2 Ripe tomatoes
. 1 Bay leaf
. 1 Sprig of thyme
. 1 Slice of fried bread
. 4 Cloves of garlic
. Several strands of saffron
. 5 Hazelnuts
. Flour and salt
. Extra virgin olive oil
. . Water


Coat the desalted cod fish in flour and fry in oil at a high temperature.

Add the onion, cut into julienne strips, along with the bay leaf and thyme, to the same oil used to fry the cod and lightly fry. Add the tomatoes, removing their skin and seeds.

Prepare a mash containing the garlic, parsley, saffron, hazelnuts and the slice of fried bread. Add this, afterwards adding the water and allow to cook for a few minutes, adding salt as desired. Add the sauce to the cod and leave to cook for a further ten minutes.


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