Lamb loins with truffle

Apart from certain attempts at mycorrhization - symbiosis between a fungus and tree roots, in this case employing black truffles in Santiago de la Espada, in the North of the Natural Park - as an ingredient, the truffle remains exotic, despite the fact that this mountainous area seemingly provides a perfect habitat for this fungus.

The lamb loins can also be prepared in a similar fashion with boletus edulis [porcino], an edible mushroom found in the pine forests of the Sierra in autumn. Whether served with mushrooms or truffles, it is the perfect way of enjoying organically bred Segura lamb.


. 4 organic lamb loins (boneless lamb chops, formed into rolls and wrapped in bacon strips)
. A half glass of Malaga wine
. 10 g white wild truffles
. 4 spoons of gravy
. 4 spoons of cream
. Extra virgin olive oil
. Salt and pepper


Add two spoons of oil and brown the loins on both sides. Add the sliced truffle and a half glass of Malaga wine. Reduce and add the gravy and cream. Allow to reduce for a few minutes and serve straight away.


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