Honey Ice-Cream on a caramel and red pepper marmelade nest

Honey is a classic component of the mountainous areas of Andalusia. Red pepper is a crop that has flourished in the Province of Jaén over the course of the last two decades. It was introduced by emigrant seasonal workers who previously travelled to the North of Spain to grow and pick it. Now, it is grown in the high meadowlands of the Guadalquivir in the Province of Jaén.

Two highly different ingredients make for a sophisticated dessert. This is an example of the new style of cooking established in the Cazorla, Segura y las Villas National Park, recovering traditional flavours and adding new ideas and products.


For the honey ice-cream

. 500 ml milk
. 500 ml cream
. 10 egg yolks
. 185 g rosemary honey

For the caramel nests

. 150 g sugar
. 150 g glucose

For the red pepper marmelade

. 500 g red peppers
. 500 g sugar
. 2 Carrots
. 1 Lemon

Additional items
. Chocolate covering


Honey ice-cream: beat the eggs with the honey until the mixture takes on a foamy texture. Heat the milk and cream and create a crème anglaise at 85º C. Cool and churn the mixture in an ice-cream maker.
Caramel nests: make a caramel with the sugar and glucose and form the nests.
Red pepper marmalade: mash the peppers and carrot, adding lemon juice and sugar and leave to cook. Once the desired texture has been achieved, mash well, pass through a sieve and put to one side.
Chocolate: melt the covering and make lattices, tubes, etc, according to your tastes.


Decorate the plate with syrup, in the form of fruits. Place the honey ice-cream, chocolate and a few strips of red pepper marmalade in the middle of the caramel nest.


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