Enchanting reservoirs hidden in the high mountains and crystal-clear rivers that have carried the logs of former empires downstream await you. You can go for walks on the most extensive plateau in Spain, embrace one of the oldest pine trees and marvel at a population dispersed in a multitude of villages surrounded by mountains, all of which are unusual settings for southern Spain. The mountain people have adapted to a beautiful, rugged environment, making their hospitality another attraction for visitors.

The territory’s climate and geography have not prevented humans from settling in more than 80 scattered hamlets where sometimes only two or three people live. Each hamlet has its own life style and occupations; a true example of the art of using resources without depleting them.

You are in the home of the Segura sheep, arguably the area’s main resource, which are very different to any other kind of sheep. They have marked the destiny of this part of the Segura mountains and will enable you to savour one of the most well-known and sought-after delicacies in Spain. Make sure you try it before you leave.

You will have the opportunity to appreciate important examples of cave art in many caves and rock shelters, the testimony of human endeavours more than five thousand years ago.

At the Las Anchuricas reservoir you’ll discover one of the most stunning landscapes in the Nature Reserve. A green lake set among the mountains reflects the colour of the surrounding forests where you are sure to see vultures gliding overhead.

There is also plenty of water, for this is where the sources of many rivers are to be found, including La Toba, the Segura and Zumeta rivers, and the Juntas de Miller where the two rivers join.

If you are yearning to be in the heart of nature, this is your opportunity. There are thousands of hectares of land where the world seems to have come to a standstill and only birds, red deer and mountain goats will disturb you.


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