The Woodlands of the South Hiking route through the Sierras of Cazorla, Segura and Las Villas

This is longest hiking route in the largest natural area in Spain. The Woodlands of the South path offers a 478 kilometre sign-posted route, taking in 21 main stages and 11 offshoots. Furthermore, 3 alternative routes are presented, each composed of two sections - marked with a "v" on the map - that will help you to subdivide the route, adapting it to your interests and the time available to you. You decide how to do it!

The route takes in the sources of the River Guadalquivir and the River Segura and will lead you through the mosaic of landscapes found in these highlands: high mountain peaks, castles, woodlands, rivers and waterfalls, traditional walkways, high plains, hamlets and villages that remain inhabited, historical sites, olive groves and orchards. It is a long route, enabling you to discover the flight of the bearded vulture, the clearest waters, the conversation of nomadic shepherds, the way of life in mountain hamlets.... a series of experiences and the authenticity of the most extensive mountain ranges in Andalusia await you along this route.

The majority of the stages commence and conclude in locations that are close to essential services - fountains, hamlets and villages, camp sites and other forms of accommodation, camping areas and areas lying close to roads. Other sections include only emergency refuges, constructed to ensure such services in these areas of the GR. Plan your itinerary well as certain stages pass through very isolated areas with no telephone coverage that are often subject to high mountain conditions that may leave you cut off (snow, winds and temperatures below zero in winter, or
a lack of water and permanent insolation in summer), whereby you should consult conditions before commencing the route and take the necessary provisions with you.

You decide where to begin the route, how many stages you will complete during this visit to the park and how to divide up the hike. Alternatively, you might decide to spend your entire holiday period completing the entire route. Never stray off the indicated route, follow the rules governing GR and refuge use and heed the instructions of personnel working in the natural park.
Respect the regulations governing protected spaces as you walk along the path or make use of the route's infrastructures.
Landscapes filled with memories await the steps and the empathic gaze of the hiker in one of the most important natural spaces in the south of Europe.

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