Certified Quality

Many of the park's products and services are voluntarily subject to control systems that certify their quality:

  • The Ministry for the Environment's Parque Natural de Andaluc√≠a (Andalusian Natural Park) denomination guarantees that the products and services have a local provenance, respect the environment and meet quality standards in terms of the raw materials used and the processes employed to transform them.
  • The Spanish Institute for Quality in Tourism's Calidad Q (Quality Q) distinction guarantees that the park's tourist establishments bearing this distinction meet the stipulated levels of reliability and rigour
  • The Sierra de Segura and Sierra de Cazorla Protected Designations of Origin (PDO) guarantee the extraordinarily high quality of their extra-virgin olive oils.
  • The Cordero de las Sierras de Segura y La Sagra Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) guarantees the quality of lamb products from the Segura region. These delicious products are valued extremely highly by consumers with the most exacting standards.
  • The stamp of the Comit√© Andaluz de Agricultura Ecol√≥gica (Andalusian Organic Farming Committee ‚Äď CAAE) certifies that products have been subjected to rigorous controls that guarantee they are entirely organic, as is the case with certain olive oils and other products made in the park.
  • The Segura Calidad (Segura Quality) stamp, which is a European Territorial Quality Mark (ETQM), guarantees that accredited products and services from the region are not only of the highest quality, but also meet criteria for social and environmental responsibility.
  • It is a project of improvement of the quality of the tourist destinations promoted by the Secretariat of State of Tourism¬†and the Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces, which¬†works with companies /¬†¬†tourist services¬†¬†¬†with 27 different trades¬†. The project influences the experience and satisfaction of the tourist who visits the destination. One of the principal tools is the application of a MANUAL OF GOOD PRACTICES

Certified Quality Certified Quality Certified Quality
Certified Quality Certified Quality Certified Quality
Certified Quality


Compromiso de Calidad Turística

Certified Quality

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