The Four Seasons


The four seasons represent four ways of experiencing and enjoying these mountain ranges. It is almost as if there were four different natural parks.

Tonalities, aromas, flavours, soft sounds... the intensity of the sensations evolves in keeping with the cadence marked by the light, the water and the temperature.

Here, each day has its rhythm. Work, rest and celebration all play their role in a land with a strong olive culture, where the adventurous spirit of nomadic shepherds, walking for days at the head of their flocks, still lives on. This is a land where there is still a time to tend the orchards, a time to dance to the sound of traditional music and a time to enjoy a moonlit dance in the open air.

Whether it's gastronomy, hiking, photography, observing nature, hang-gliding or just lying under a fig tree with that book you've been waiting to read all year, in our natural park there is a time for everything. And that time is always yours.


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