The climate


Basic information
Average monthly temperatures: 6°C in January and 27°C in July. Average annual precipitation: 770 mm

Segura NevadaThe natural park has an extremely balanced mountain climate. It could be defined as a continental Mediterranean mountain climate, implying a number of great contrasts (although these would be somewhat mitigated by the park's altitude). However, if we compare the park's climate to that of other mountainous regions in Spain it is very difficult to find another location that boasts the same balanced proportions of light, temperature, rainfall and snow.

Here, we do not suffer those interminable winters in which the unceasing rain and snow forces everyone to stay indoors for months on end, nor do we suffer those torrid summers in which it is an ordeal to leave the safety of the shade during daylight hours.

While the park's mountains have strong personalities and their own individual climate-related characteristics, none of them take it to the extreme. There are cold spells, certainly, above all in the higher regions, when it is time to enjoy the snow and relax by the fire. However, winter in the lower areas is more than bearable. And while there are also periods of hot weather, the omnipresent mountains and abundant plant life temper the heat and ensure the nights are always refreshing. Moreover, summer is the perfect time for a walk in the shade of the pine forests in the higher reaches or along the banks of the rivers and streams.

Of course, the balance and temperance of spring and autumn make them the most pleasant seasons.

And if it is light you are after, do not forget that this is airy, luminous Andalusia.



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