Plant Life

A splash of green on the map of southeast Spain

altWhen you first step into the park you will feel as though you are standing under a protective, welcoming green dome, beneath which you will encounter a surprisingly large variety of plant life. Finding out about the park's flora, taking photographs or just contemplating the countless beautiful plant specimens is an immensely satisfying experience, here in one of the few natural spaces of its kind left in Europe.

A bird's-eye view of the Cazorla, Segura and Las Villas mountain ranges shows the impressive extent and density of the park's forest cover, which is the largest wooded area anywhere in Spain, while a more detailed examination reveals the even more impressive variety of species that make up this vast tract of woodland: over 2,200 species of stem plants are known. In other words, an area that does not even account for 0.5% of peninsular Spain is home to no less than 25% of the country's plant species.

Some of the most outstanding plants in the park belong to the beautiful and sophisticated orchid family: 52 species grow here, which is over half of all those that can be found in the Iberian peninsula.



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