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Two Different Worlds

En Dos Mundos Opuestos no dejes de visitar...

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Barranco del Garbanzal and Picones de Fique

This trail is truly spectacular. It will take you through the area known as Pasada de Bosques, lying beneath the unusual petrified rock formations of the Picones de Fique and running along both sides of the Barranco del Garbanzal ravine before arriving at the ruins of the forest house, of which only a pile of rubble remains. The ruins are approximately 2 kilometres from the starting point and if you continue along the forest trail you will enter another, much wider and more open ravine known as the Extremara.


Río Guazalamanco

The Guazalamanco is a mountain river, whose turbulent, oxygen- and ice-crystal-filled waters flow all the year round. Every corner of this tranquil spot will invite you to rest your senses and remain still and silent, as though you were able to become one with the natural world around you and return to your origins. If you happen to leave your camera in the car, when you come across this river you will be compelled to hurry back and retrieve it in order to start snapping images of this gorgeous spot.


Tíscar: the Water Cave

If you have already visited Covadonga in Asturias and later come across this remarkable spot at the other end of the country, you will be amazed at the visual, mystical and historical parallels between Tíscar and the cave in the Cangas Valley, where it is said that Don Pelayo began the "Reconquest" against the Moors and which was known, in times past, as the Cueva Dominica.


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