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A Green Treasure

En un tesoro verde no dejes de visitar...

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El Yelmo

This route links the Dehesa del Oso recreation area with the peak of El Cambrón, which is a large, rocky mass with almost vertical walls that rise above a sea of pines. At Dehesa del Oso you can find a fast-flowing spring, stone tables, small meadows and beautiful walnut trees. The route itself ascends gently via a narrow forest trail, running through a dense forest of European black pine, abundant holm oaks and even a few examples of gall oaks. You will be rewarded with a panorama that stretches from Onsares valley (through which flows the upper section of the River Guadalimar) to the Calar del Mundo mountains and the Sierra de Alcaraz range in Albacete.


Acebeas to Navalperal Hiking Route

This route allows visitors to admire one of the most outstanding sites in the Iberian Peninsula from a botanical point of view, whilst also affording beautiful panoramic views. Las Acebeas boasts a particularly wet and cool microclimate and as a result, a surprising hazel grove is found growing beneath the canopy of Corsican pines – the southernmost grove of its kind in Spain – along with many large holly trees. There is also an abundance of climbing plants, such as ivy and clematis, along with species that are very rare in Andalusia, such as wild strawberries and common hepatica. This causes the area to transmit a sense of freshness and lush vegetation more typically found in northern forests.


El Puntal de la Rayuela Forest Trail

This track, which is generally in good condition, leads up to El Puntal, a promontory that stands over 1500 metres high and overlooks the town of Siles. It is home to a lookout hut (used to watch for forest fires) and a launch site for hang-gliders that boasts superb panoramic views. The route also offers opportunities to visit two miradores, or viewing points, and embark on walks to some of the most exquisite beauty spots in the northern part of the park during which you will progress through pine forests populated by Aleppo, Corsican and European black pines.


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