Where the Land Speaks

If you are interested in geology, you will make some surprising discoveries in the natural park. Or if, up to now, you have not been particularly drawn to the world of fault-lines, caverns and rock strata, here you might just discover how fascinating it is to read a story with timelines measured in millions of years; a story of events that have been almost entirely determined by the fact that this small blue planet of ours has given rise to the exceptional phenomenon of life.



A. Abanico de capas en Hinojares (Arroyo Turrillas)

B. Aptiense de la Formación Arroyo de los Anchos

C. Badlands del Guadiana Menor

D. Ca√Ī√≥n del R√≠o Guadalent√≠n

E. Calizas de Esponjas del Camino del Chorro

F. Carbonatos del Sector de Caba√Īas

G. Cerrada de Elías

H. Cerrada de Utrero - Lanchar de Linarejos

I. Complejo Arroyo de la Rambla (PB-4)

J. Dolomías de la Piedra de los Agujeros

K. Dolomías de la Presa de la Vieja

L. Falla de Tíscar

M. Granitos de La Puerta de Segura

N. Karst de Pinar Negro

√Ď. Lapiaz del Torcal Llano

O. Nacimiento del Guadalquivir

P. Nacimiento del Segura

Q. Pliegues del Río Borosa

R. Serie Cret√°cica del sur del Yelmo

S. Serie Jur√°sico - Cret√°cico de El Yelmo

T. Serie Jur√°sico-Cret√°cico Inferior de Navalperal

U. Sima de Pinar Negro

V. Sima LC-15 LC-28

W. Sinclinal de los Poyos de la Mesa

X. Travertinos de La Toba

Y. Travertinos del Río Borosa

Z. Travertinos y cascada de Chorro Gil

Where the Land Speaks

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The park's mountain landscapes are the most outstanding examples of the landforms that make up the Prebaetic section of the outer reaches of the Baetic System. You can feast your eyes on impressive geological features that were formed through tectonic action, such as the Tíscar Fault; spectacular karst landscapes containing sinkholes and potholes, such as Pinar Negro; and other remarkable landforms that owe their existence to large rivers such as the Guadalquivir and the Segura. You will also be able to enjoy the unique geological features of popular hiking routes, such as the gorges of Cerrada de Utrero and Cerrada de Elías, and iconic mountains such as Yelmo, Navalperal and Poyos de la Mesa.

There are 27 different and easily accessible places to choose from, all of which are spectacular not only for their geological features but also for the beauty of their landscapes. All of them are listed in the Inventory of Andalusia's Geological Resources, which was drawn up by the Autonomous Government of Andalusia's Ministry for the Environment.


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