OtoƱoThe cooler air and humidity arouse the smell of the earth in the forest, which becomes home to hordes of mushrooms and drifts of yellow leaves. Come and experience the tranquillity and splendour of autumn: a time of balance and temperance in nature, where water and light are present in perfect harmony.

The stags leave the denser parts of the forest and emerge into the glades, where they clash with one another to gain control of the does. This is rutting, the cause of the startling bellows that ring out into the night, bringing with them echoes of our primordial past.

The milk-cap mushroom, called guĆ­scano by the locals, is so abundant that picking them becomes a sport at weekends. Thanks to the damp environment of the park's forests, mushroom lovers will find a diversity of species unrivalled anywhere else in southern Spain.

There are many trees and shrubs boasting autumn leaves that create a spectacular tableau of colour before falling to the ground to enrich the soil: the leaves of the different species of oak turn a deep ochre, those of the maple and ash become yellow, the leaves of the whitebeam turn a warm copper and those of the terebinth, a bright red. The windows of the farmhouses add to the riot of colour as they are decorated with strings of peppers.



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