After the euphoria of spring, nature's rhythms are steadied with the onset of summer. Come and relax under the shade of a fig or walnut tree, enjoy the cool evening breezes from a bustling terrace bar in one of the towns and explore the dark, inviting interior of the dense forests. The park's mountains temper the summer heat and rain will rarely trouble your stay.

ClimbingIn summer, the stillness of the forests is superficial only: it is actually the season of natural selection, the time when new generations of many animal species, born in spring, fight to survive. This is a battle that is mostly fought at night, wherein there are few victors.

In the towns and villages, however, night represents the best part of the summer. Locals like to spend the long, tranquil evenings relaxing on the porches of their homes or chatting in a terrace bar, enjoying the breezes that usually circulate throughout the night thanks to the mountains, forests, hills and olive groves that surround municipalities.

Summer is the time to savour the sound of the burbling springs, the crystal coldness of the well-water, the clear night skies traversed by shooting stars and the scent of the pennyroyal picked at dusk from beside the streams. Other plants that are commonly picked in summer include the medicinal St John's wort, which flowers around the time of the magical vernal equinox, and lavender, with delightful perfume that pervades the mountains towards the end of the season.

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