Green Corners


Each of the spots we recommend in this section are notable not only for the plant species they contain, but also for their landscape. Regardless of whether or not you are a keen botanist or familiar with the different species of flora, you will enjoy the very special atmosphere of these spectacular surroundings.



A. Holly forests, alpine laurel forests

B. Esparto grass badlands

C. Hazel groves

D. Box groves

E. Deciduous forests in the valley floor

F. Gallery forests

G. Mediterranean laurel forest

H. Alpine deciduous forests

I. Terebinth woods

J. Oak groves and juniper

K. Oak grove

L. Pyrenean oak groves

M. Aleppo pine forest

N. Corsican pine forests

Ƒ. El Pinar de Negral o Resinero

O. Gall oak and oak forests

P. Black juniper forests

Q. Juniper and savin juniper forests

R. Summits

S. Hanging gardens: Rock plants

Green Corners

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Almost all of the places listed are very easy to reach, and even the pleasure of walking to them makes the trip well worth the effort. Here we have provided you with a magnificent collection of routes that will take you to some uniquely special locations.

At first glance, the park appears to be one enormous pine forest. However, if you venture inside and have the desire to explore further, you will discover a surprisingly wide variety of different plant landscapes; and if you look even closer, you will be amazed at how many different species you can observe. It will become clear why the richness of its flora is one of the main reasons this extensive area enjoys the protective status of a Natural Park.

If plants are a particular passion of yours, there is no need for us to say any more: you already know that you will enjoy the beautiful sights on offer. And if you are not the world's greatest botanical expert, do not worry: go for a walk, observe, let yourself be enveloped by your surroundings, and if you feel like paying greater attention to the landscapes and plant life around you, you may find it very rewarding to learn their names and find out why they are here. A good guide and a little patience can work wonders!


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