Route by car Siles: - Las Acebeas

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Route by car Siles: - Las Acebeas

This route follows a narrow mountain road that starts close to Siles, in the direction of the high mountain areas. The route moves up through pine forests and leads to different recreational areas, viewpoints and charming footpaths. It ends at a spot known as Las Acebes, where the forest is surprisingly reminiscent of northern landscapes. We suggest several options:



We suggest several options:

Km 2.Peña del Olivar Recreational Area. This area boasts a stunning collection of the Nature Reserve's botanical species along with a natural bathing area. It is also the point of departure for several hiking routes.

Km 2,2.Start on the left of the road and head towards the Fuente de la Almoteja Recreational Area. You can travel by car, but we recommend walking the 1.5 km to enjoy the riverbank vegetation in the Barranco de los Tejos ravine. The recreational area features a spring where visitors will find flytraps (Pinguicola vallisneriifolia), a small carnivorous plant endemic to the park. A signposted 1.5 Km path begins at this point.

Km 5,2.Paraje de La Fresnedilla, scattered with little farmhouses, where you will find two signposted footpaths.

Km 6,3.Start on the right of La Canalica forest track. It is best to travel by car to the Pozo de la Nieve, since you will have the option of several signposted footpaths, one of which leads to a robust and secluded stone well once used to store snow for use in the summer. There is a fountain next to the well.

Km 7,3.La Fresnedilla viewpoint, offering beautiful panoramas.

Km 7,8.Siles Holiday Residence. The residence is located in a well-maintained area, the starting point of a wide path that is perfect for pleasant strolls. It continues for almost 6 Km and ends at a forest track that goes from Siles to Puntal de la Ajedrea.

Km 10,4.Start on the left of a long forest track that goes through several private properties and then follows the banks of Tus river to the end.

Km 11.Start on the right of the same forest track we saw at 6.3 Km, where the track makes a loop with the road. Pozo de la Nieve is closer from here. This is where you enter the Acebeas-Nava del Espino Reserve Area, an area under special protection due to its high ecological value. The forest becomes greener and lusher at this point.

Km 11,6.Acebeas Controlled Camping Area. A wonderful spot beneath tall black pines affording a magnificent place to relax when not occupied by campers.

Km 12,5.Paraje de Las Acebeas. Turn to the left for a delightful walk to an old forest house With its hazel and large holly trees, shaded by black pines, this is one of the Nature Reserve's most emblematic spots. It takes less than one hour to climb a beautiful path from the forest house to Calar de Navalperal, where you will be rewarded with sweeping views.

Km 14,1.. Junction with the JF-7016 provincial road. Our route ends here, although it affords an excellent strategic point that represents a starting point for many other routes. You will find many signs indicating all sorts of different options, including Segura de la Sierra, Rio Madera and Pontones.


The route is 14 km in one direction and commences very near to Siles on the JF-7012 provincial road.

Start to count the kilometres from the place where the JF-7012 turns off the A-310 road. It is signposted as Camino de Las Acebeas.

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