Peña del Olivar to Puentehonda Forest Trail

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Peña del Olivar to Puentehonda Forest Trail

This route, which is a little less than 5 kilometres in length, leads along a narrow forest trail that we recommend you traverse on foot. The main attraction is the forest of Aleppo pine you will walk through, beneath which there is a rich undergrowth of holm oaks, strawberry trees and laurustinus. The first kilometre of the route is fairly steep, although the remainder is almost entirely flat. To reach the hamlet of Puentehonda simply stay on the track until it joins another, wider trail, at the end of which is Puentehonda.

The route traverses the northeast face of Mount Bucentaina. After approximately 20 minutes of walking you will reach the large, fast-flowing Noguerón spring, which also marks the point at which the PR-A 175 route diverges from this one and leads off towards the left. You will need to continue on straight ahead, along the main trail.

Initially you will be able to see the peaks and olive groves of the area around Siles, before they disappear from view as you move deeper into the forest. This is one of the most impressive Aleppo pine forests to be found anywhere in the park. As the hamlet of Puentehonda comes into view we can also see, in the same direction and on the left-hand side, two gigantic and venerable examples of Aleppo pines that are included in the Andalusian List of Outstanding Trees under the names Pino de los Barrancos de Puentehonda (“Pine of the Puentehonda Ravines”) and Pino del Cerro Bucentaina (“Pine of the Bucentaina Pass”), respectively. This latter is an impressive 32 metres high and has a diameter of 4.5 metres at the base.

Along the way you will also come across a signpost indicating a steep, narrow path that leads to the ruins of Puentehonda Castle: the ruins, which consist of two towers, are partially hidden in the dense vegetation of the forest.

The hamlet of Puentehonda, nestled into the base of Peñalta peak, has a small recreation area complete with fountain and provides an excellent opportunity for a rest. At a gentle walking pace the route takes around four hours to complete (including the outward and return legs).


The route begins at the recreation area in La Peña del Oliver and is signposted “PR-A 175”.

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