Route by car: Segura de la Sierra – Rio Madera- Segura de la Sierra

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Route by car: Segura de la Sierra – Rio Madera- Segura de la Sierra

This route departs from the beautiful town of Segura de la Sierra and follows narrow mountain roads to the Rio Madera valley. From there, it climbs up to the Yelmo area and returns to the point of departure.

Its main attractions are the large black pine forests, the head of the Madera river valley and numerous small villages.

How to follow the route and recommended options:

Km 2,8.The road heads right to the small hidden village of Moralejos, which is only a few minutes away. This well-preserved village lies in a very peaceful setting and is well worth a visit.

Km 6.Los Royos. This tiny village offers wonderful views of the head of the Trujala valley. Km 8.3. An important junction with many signs to different places. Turn right towards Río Madera along the JF-7016 provincial road. A left turn takes you to Las Acebeas and Siles. Here the vegetation changes dramatically, for you have entered a black pine woods.

Km 8,7.A forest track appears on the left leading to Navalespino, Collado de Góntar and the abandoned village of Juan Prado Ruiz, along with other spots boasting beautiful landscapes.

Km 9,5.Spring and Navalcaballo forest house The pine forest attains its full splendour. We recommend going 300m and taking a right turnoff onto the long forest track leading from Navalcaballo de El Robledo.

Km 10,1.At this junction, your route continues left towards Rio Madera on the JF-7038 provincial road. From there, continue downhill and you will see tall specimens of gall oaks and a number of Pyrenean oaks. Km 12.3. A forest track appears on the left, heading in the opposite direction. It leads, without taking any turnoffs, to the remote villages of La Tobilla and Prado Espinosilla.

Km 13,5.Los Negros Controlled Camping Area. This area has a water fountain and picnic tables and is conditioned for disabled people. It affords an excellent rest area under large black pines. From here, it is only 4.3 Km to the village of Arroyo Canales. We recommend a leisurely stroll past the vegetable gardens and farmhouses along the Madera riverbanks, set in the heart of one of the best black pine forests in all of Spain.

Km 17,8.The village of Arroyo Canales, also known as Rio Madera, is a strategic point in this area. Turn to the right onto the JF-7039 provincial road when you come to this junction. The forest thins out as you climb but the views are spectacular. You will come across several signposted forest tracks leading to El Jaral, La Huelga de las Vigas and El Collado de Los Asperones. Any one of them will take you through sensational scenery.

Km 22,4.A heavily signposted junction where you turn right onto the JF-7016 provincial road. Around 200m further on, ignore a left turnoff to Hornos de Segura and continue straight ahead. From here, the road is flat again and the vegetation is lusher.

Km 23,7.You will come to a spot known as El Campillo, where an old forest house still stands. On the left, an asphalted forest track leads up to El Yelmo. Both the path and peak afford extraordinary views.

Km 32,5.You return to the junction from where you descended to Río Madera. From there, you return to Segura de la Sierra the same way you came.


The 42 Km route starts and ends in Segura de la Sierra. The starting point where you start counting the kilometres is on the outskirts of Segura de la Sierra, on the JV-7032 road, at the exact point where a road on the right leads up to the castle.

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