Navazalto Forest Trail

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Navazalto Forest Trail

From the peak of Navazalto you can take in the view of wide mountain passes, with soaring rock faces that give way to craggy, precipitous ravines from which tumble spectacular waterfalls. The panoramas are superb: to the west you can see the great bowl of the Guadalquivir valley, where the green carpet of the olive groves stretches further than the eye can see, as do the villages in the countries of La Loma and Mágina. From north to south you are presented with an uninterrupted view of the indomitable Las Villas mountains, with the deep blue of Aguascebas reservoir below.

From this location it is easy to observe griffon vultures in flight as they leave their nests, which are situated some way beneath where you are standing. It is also likely that you will see numerous groups of Spanish ibex, accompanied by their young.

This route can be completed on foot or by bicycle or 4x4, although the forest trail leading to Navazalta is narrow and serpentine. On the flatter ground, where the track begins, you will see a small spring with tornajos, watering troughs where livestock can slake their thirst. The track winds across a gentle, rocky slope punctuated with patches of woodland in which you can find wild rose bushes, holm oaks and different species of juniper. Further along you will enter a forest of majestic European black pines that stretches all the way to the peak, where it gives way to alternating sections of pasture and repopulated pine woodland.



To reach the start of the track follow the JH-7155 (the road which crosses the Las Villas mountain range) from Mogón to kilometre 22. For some 700 metres this road passes through the La Fresnedilla beauty spot. At kilometre 22, several tracks lead off to the left: the first makes its way to the Arroyo del Torno beauty spot, where there is an old plant nursery situated next to the delightful stream that gives the area its name. The second track will take you to the 1379-metre-high peak of Navazalto, 2.6 kilometres on from the starting point of the route.

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