Aguascebas de Gil Cobo up to Blanquillo Hiking Route

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Aguascebas de Gil Cobo up to Blanquillo Hiking Route

This wide trail leads into the San Ginés gorge, which runs parallel to the stream. The course of the steam has been shaped by the caprice of rainfall and runoff water over centuries and as a result is characterised by its unusual cascades and small pools. Some stretches are flanked by steep, rocky walls, while its banks are home to an exceptionally diverse range of plant life that includes a number of different endemic species, along with other plants such as yews, holly and even birch, a tree that is only found in northern climes and as such is extremely rare in the park.

Magnificent pine forest stands watch as you continue along the path, taking the left-hand route when the path forks. The winding nature of the route means the ascent is gentle right up to the hill known as the Collado del Perenoso, where you will be rewarded with a spectacular view overlooking the entire area. This is also the setting-off point for the route up to the peak of Blanquillo, also known as Pedro Miguel.

Up until this stage the route has certainly been attractive: however, if you wish to experience stronger emotions it is recommended that you climb this extraordinary peak. Take the narrow path to your right, which begins by winding its way across a low hill between Corsican pines.

Later it becomes a small corniche, which cuts diagonally across a rocky wall: take care when you traverse this section, as certain parts are quite difficult. The path then continues on past a brook (which flows down from the peak itself) before reaching a small plateau, which is named La Carrasquilla. From here you can see the limestone mass of the peak, which dominates the view, along with the typical vegetation found in high mountain areas and bent, stunted pine trees, which are evidence of the extreme climate conditions that predominate in this zone.

You can also see the final section of the route, which leads on towards a small hill: from the hill, the route to take is marked with sections of rope, indicating the easiest way up to the peak. Finally you will reach the peak itself, where you will be rewarded with vistas that show off the true beauty and immensity of this extraordinary park.


We recommend…

  • Once you have reached the peak, go over to the pine woods you will see towards the north, known as the Black Pine Forest. This forest is made up of remarkable examples of Corsican pine (Pinus nigra ssp. salzmanii), some over one hundred years old, and is also home to a small spring complete with wooden watering troughs used by livestock in the mountains.
  • You can also go back down the mountain in a southwestern direction by following the ropes towards the small hill known as Aguas Blanquillas. Continue down along the riverbed until you reach the main track of the San Ginés gorge.



This forest trail begins at kilometre 28 of the JH-1755 (the road which crosses the Las Villas mountain range), next to the River Aguascebas de Gil Cobo and very near the recreation area of the same name.

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