El Aguardentero (La Osera) Hiking Route

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El Aguardentero (La Osera) Hiking Route

This route will take you through one of the most charming locations in the La Villas mountain range. Following the course of the River Aguascebas Chico, you will come across unexpected and delightful natural beauty spots and on the right-hand side you will be able to see terraced plots of land that were once cultivated many years ago, along with a half-ruined farmhouse. This area is known as Las Ramblillas, or "the little watercourse", and at the bottom of the valley you can see the River Aguascebas Chico.

If you stray from the route and glance upstream, you will see a spectacular waterfall with a large pool at its base, the water glittering a rich emerald-green in reflection of the lush vegetation fringing this beautiful spot. Returning to the path, you will come across a small hill with a particularly unusual shape: this is the Aguardentero Pass, which offers superb views over the surrounding countryside.

The path is well-maintained and follows a winding route downwards along a jagged, rocky slope. On the left-hand side you will observe a distinctive hollow in the ground, known locally as a cenajo, which in older times shepherds used to shelter their flocks. Lower down you will arrive at a small mirador or viewing point, where the path splits into two: continuing along the right-hand fork you will arrive once again at the river, where you will be greeted by the majestic sight of the Osera waterfall, perhaps one of the highest and most beautiful waterfalls in all of Andalusia.

Following the signposted path, which winds through a narrow, precipitous ravine, you will enjoy the spectacle of the many pools that form along the course of the river, before arriving at a footbridge that crosses the river and continuing along the path to the Osera viewing point. If you carry on along the path that runs parallel to the river, you will come to the clearing known as La Osera, which is where visitors arriving from Mogón can park their vehicles.

Along this beautiful route it is easy to observe the majestic flight of the griffon vulture, along with golden eagles and even – if you look very carefully – examples of the rare Bonelli's eagle.


We recommend:

  • In a location such as this, where water features are the main attraction, spring is logically the most spectacular season.
  • The route can also be followed in reverse, i.e. ascending, from Mogón.



The best option is to follow the route downwards, rather than start at the bottom and ascend. From Aguascebas reservoir the distance travelled on foot is 4.5 kilometres, calculated from kilometre 18.8 of the JH-7155 (the road which crosses the Las Villas mountain range). Here, on the left-hand side, there are a number of houses overlooking the reservoir: just behind them you can see an old quarry, which is where the route begins.

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