Route by car: Tranco Reservoir

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Route by car: Tranco Reservoir

This 43 Km route follows one of the most popular roads of the Nature Reserve. Most of the way runs along the left bank of the Tranco reservoir, where the quiet harmony of the huge sheet of water contrasts with the grandiose pine-wooded mountains all around it. It is no wonder that most of this area is under special protection as the Bujaraiza Reserve Area.



The road runs very close to the Guadalquivir for the first few kilometres, where the river flows freely until it reaches the Tranco reservoir.

The scenery around the reservoir is woodland, mainly Aleppo pine that provide shadow for a wealth of Mediterranean undergrowth.

After the village of Cañada Morales, close to the town of Hornos, the landscape changes to a patchwork of mountain olive groves, hills covered in pines and villages.

There are a number of attractive places to stop, including the viewpoints and the reservoir's recreational areas, as well as the Nature Reserve's most relevant facilities: the Collado del Almendral Wildlife Reserve, the Torre del Vinagre Tourist Centre, and the Torre del Vinagre Botanical Garden. The villages in the vicinity of Hornos de Segura are also worth a visit.

We recommend…

  • It is well worth allowing a full day for this route, without counting a visit to Hornos.
  • A leisurely stop at some of the viewpoints and recreational areas is a must. The views are simply unforgettable.
  • Plan for plenty of time at El Collado del Almendral and Torre del Vinagre, because you'll be delighted with the facilities there, where you can learn more about the Nature Reserve's impressive ecological heritage.

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