Cerrada del Utrero and Cascada de Linarejos Hiking Route

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Cerrada del Utrero and Cascada de Linarejos Hiking Route

The area known as Cerrada del Utrero-Linarejos is a breathtaking natural work of art, sculpted by the River Guadalquivir out of the surrounding limestone. The route is traversed on foot, enabling you to appreciate the jagged rock forms and apertures created by water over the course of thousands of years. During this pleasant hike you will be accompanied by narrow-leafed rock privet, terebinth and willow as you head towards one of the most photographed spots in the park: the Cascada de Linarejos waterfall, also known as the cola del caballo or “horse’s tail”.

The River Guadalquivir carved out this deep and narrow canyon and left a number of streams, such as the Linarejos, in the high ground. When the Linarejos emerges from the canyon it forms the spectacular Cascada de Linarejos, which, after travelling on through a series of pools, joins up with the Guadalquivir and flows down to the valley.

This circular route is 1.6 km long and forms a loop around Peñon de Lanchón crag. It is an agreeable walk and takes approximately 45 minutes.

The final section of the route, just before you return to the asphalted road, passes through a wood of maritime pine (Pinus pinaster), from which resin was once collected to make turpentine. On the trees you can see the grooves made by the resin-collectors to allow the resin to run out.


We recommend:

  • Observing the numerous rock-dwelling birds that nest in the rocky wall opposite the path as you pass the Cascada de Linarejos. You can see small species, such as the common swift, blue rock thrush and white wagtail, sharing a habitat with much larger birds such as the griffon vulture.
  • Visiting the small village of Vadillo-Castril, where the old RENFE sawmill is located and which today houses two very important institutions within the natural park: the Forest Warden School and Forest Protection Centre.



From Cazorla, take the mountain road (A-319) to the Empalme del Valle junction. Turn right on to the JF-7092, and the track leading to the Cerrada del Utrero starts just before you reach the bridge over the River Guadalquivir (4 kilometres from the aforementioned junction).

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