Torres de Albanchez

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Torres de Albanchez

Torres de Abanchez, population 1000, lies at the foot of a mountain known as El Castillo (the Castle), where some remains of La Yedra castle still stand, overlooking the Onsares river valley. This position makes the town a splendid balcony to look out over the Nature Reserve’s highest peaks and the towns of Siles, Orcera and Segura de la Sierra. It is essential to enjoy the views from the square where you’ll also find the church, the town hall and the splendid medieval Torre del Homenaje (the keep), listed as a historical monument

The town also boasts an Archaeological Museum that houses some of the artefacts found in the numerous archaeological sites in the area. We strongly recommend going up to El Castillo peak. Take the road to Génave and when you come to the Fuente de los Enamorados fountain, take a path signposted as PR-A 186. The views are well worth the steep climb near the top. There are also several villages close to Torres de Albanchez that preserve their traditional appearance. A visit to La Fuenfría is worthwhile for the magnificent fountain and stunning views. The panoramic views from the village known as Fuente de la Carrasca, 1.5 km from the Collado de los Yesos hill, are also outstanding. This strategic spot on the road to Génave looks out over two different worlds: the easternmost foothills of Sierra Morena and the flat plains of Castilla-La Mancha to the north, and the tall, forest-covered mountains of the Nature Reserve to the south.

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