Fuente de la Almoteja Recreational Area

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Fuente de la Almoteja Recreational Area

The Fuente de la Almoteja Recreational Area, equipped with tables and a fountain, is situated in a pleasantly cool spot on the banks of the Barranco de los Tejos stream. There is a small car park, but we recommend going there on foot to enjoy the riparian vegetation and abundance of willows.

The recreational area features a spring where visitors will find flytraps (Pinguicola vallisneriifolia), a small carnivorous plant endemic to the park, that feeds on insects. A 1.5 km signposted path starts here and climbs up the top of a hill that affords wonderful views of the Bucentaina hill and the Piedra del Agujero outcrop.


A forest track at km 2.2 on the road from Siles to Las Acebeas (JF-7012) leads to the Recreational Area after 1.5 km.

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