Alma Serrana Museum of Ethnography

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Alma Serrana Museum of Ethnography

Although it is only a small museum, the Alma Serrana Museum of Ethnography possesses a large collection of antique objects that were traditionally used in everyday life in the mountains. It is located in a remarkable place in which you would never expect to find a museum: a traditional farmhouse just outside the hamlet of Los Anchos. This location, allied to the nature of the objects on display, gives the museum a palpable sense of authenticity, as does the extraordinary landscape it is set in.

The museum affords visitors an insight into various aspects of traditional life, such as the layout of mountain dwellings, rural schools, barbershops, inns, stables and trades connected to the forest. The museum also has a small craft and food shop.

The small, isolated, mountain-ringed valley of Los Anchos is uncommonly beautiful, particularly in the autumn when the leaves of the poplars that line the stream turn yellow.

The hamlet of the same name, meanwhile, is one of the best-preserved settlements of its type anywhere in the park. Nearby are another pair of hamlets, Prado Maguillo and La Cañada del Saucar, both set in spectacular surroundings that are well worth a visit. The latter also marks the beginning of the PR-A 196 signposted hiking trail, which leads up to Calar del Cobo and the crag of Puntal de la Misa, one of the finest natural viewing points in the whole park. Signposted trails also lead off from Prado Maguillo.


Opening hours:

Weekends, public holidays and during the summer months: 10 am to 1.30 pm and 5pm to 8.30 pm. All other days: pre-arranged visits only.

Admission price: €3, including tasting session (free admission for children and pensioners).

Tel: 953 128 101- 636 575 205


Majada Oscura Farm in the hamlet of Los Anchos, which can be reached from Venta Rampias (on the JF-7038 provincial road) along an asphalted forest track.


Majada Oscura. Los Anchos
23294 Santiago-Pontones Jaén (Spain)
Tel: 953 128 101
Tel 2: 636 575 205


Municipality code: 23904
Longitude: -2,58
Latitude: 38,22
X coordinates: 38° 13,28'
Y coordinates: 02° 35,06'
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