Roman Culture Visitors Centre

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Roman Culture Visitors Centre

The role of the Visitors Centre is to present information on the cultural heritage left by the Romans in the municipality. It boasts two rooms and a central courtyard in which models, information panels and video screenings take visitors on a journey through the cultural legacy of the Romans and provide an insight into the archaeological site of Los Baños, a Roman villa located nearby.

The outdoor area serves as a stage for models and other recreations and also houses other items such as a reproduction of an archaeological dig, a sundial with Roman numerals, a bas-relief and a fountain. The indoor area features reproductions of archaeological finds, panels with information on the Roman era, examples of period dress and a video giving an overview of the subject. There is also an area which reproduces a typical sala de asueto, a type of room which may have been used as a living-room, containing examples of divans, mosaics, clothing, earthenware and other artefacts.


Opening hours: Wednesday to Sunday, 11 am to 1 pm and 4 pm to 6 pm.

Tel: 695 992 481


Patio Herreros, calle Bolera s/n. Arroyo del Ojanco


Patio Herreros. C/ Bolea, s/n
23340 Arroyo del Ojanco Jaén (Spain)
Tel: 953 420 002
Tel 2: 695 992 481


Municipality code: 23905
Longitude: -2,9
Latitude: 38,32
X coordinates: 38° 18,98'
Y coordinates: 02° 54,21'
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