The Ancient Olive Tree at Fuentebuena

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The Ancient Olive Tree at Fuentebuena

The centuries-old olive tree at Fuentebuena, or the Olivo Milenario to give it its official name, has been included on the Andalusian List of Outstanding Trees by the Government of Andalusia. It is a venerable example of the species and has been producing generous olive harvests for centuries; as well as its age, its size is also breathtaking, from the base right up to the fork, as it is fully 10 metres tall and its trunk has a circumference in excess of 4 metres.

The tree then bifurcates into two immense branches, with respective girths of 2.10 metres and 2.80 metres. The volume of its branches is an impressive 260 cubic metres, while the weight of its many branches and the increased number of olives it produces during a normal harvest has made it necessary to assist the tree in letting its branches rest on the ground. The Olivo Milenario is a symbol of the ancient Mediterranean culture of olive-growing and the production of olive oil.


From the town of Arroyo del Ojanco, take the JV-7005 local road towards Beas de Segura. Once you have passed the crossroads at Prados de Armijo, the olive tree is just 50 metres from the road.

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