Segura de la Sierra

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Segura de la Sierra

If you dream of a small town with whitewashed houses built on a hill leading to a castle and surrounded by forests and mountains, that place has a name: Segura de la Sierra. It is a town to gaze upon from afar and from which to look far away. A place to linger in every nook and cranny.

To stroll through the narrow streets, gaze out at the receding backdrop of mountains from the viewpoints and to walk up to the imposing castle are unforgettable experiences. If you have already dreamed of Segura de la Sierra, once you’ve been there, you’ll dream of staying. And why not? This is a different Andalusia: alpine, completely unexpected and unspoiled.

Segura de la Sierra will conjure up many images. When you are in the Arab baths or at Puerta Catena gate, you’ll feel transported to a spot in a little Maghrib village. The Jorge Manrique viewpoint, or the house where the poet lived, will bring to memory unforgettable verses: “Our lives are the rivers / that flow into the sea…”. The castle, fitted out as a Visitor Centre, will take you back to the Middle Ages, and will afford you enchanting panoramic views.

Other monuments have contributed to Segura de la Sierra being listed as a Historical and Artistic monument site as well, including the parish church, with a Romanic ground plan, which houses a magnificent Gothic sculpture of the Virgen de Santa María de la Peña; the 16th century Imperial Fountain; and the Puerta Nueva gate that gives cars access to the town. The Jesuit church and several towers in the ancient town walls are also worth mentioning. Wherever you go, Segura de la Sierra is sure to charm you.

We recommend…

  • The information centre at the entrance to the town.
  • A stroll to the old washing place and along the path leading away from it.
  • The Hermanos Esplá viewpoint, located at the highest point of the village.
  • The small municipal swimming pool, which opens in summer and is located in a wonderful panoramic setting.
  • Another completely different way of discovering Segura de la Sierra: Walk to the town from Orcera, taking the traditional path signposted as GR 147.1. When you arrive at the town, you can walk down to the Puerta Catena gate from Trujala following the GR 147.

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