El Tapadero Viewing Point

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El Tapadero Viewing Point

This viewing point is situated on an outcrop of a rock wall, which has sheer sides that rise up dizzyingly from a chasm some 200 metres below. In places the jagged rock face is also home to clumps of Mediterranean plants, which affix their roots into the rock itself, while you will often see Spanish ibex traversing the steep slopes and will also be able to enjoy the majestic spectacle of large birds of prey in flight; for the most part griffon vultures, but also golden eagles, short-toed eagles, booted eagles, falcons, Eurasian sparrowhawks and even, if you are lucky, the recently reintroduced bearded vulture.

A tortuously twisted Phoenician juniper, whose weather-beaten trunk is testament to the passage of the years and the punishing effects of inclement weather, welcomes you to this viewing point, from where you can contemplate the majestic panorama of the Las Villas mountains which open up to reveal, in the foreground, the delightful valley through which flows the Chillar stream, and in the background the Guadalquivir Valley, with the river disappearing off into the olive groves.


We recommend:

  • Continuing on up to the Collado del Agua de Los Perros, an enormous hill some 1200 metres high with magnificent views of the surrounding mountains.
  • Enjoying the twilight as the sun sets on the horizon: the soft light that envelops this spot produces amazing tones of colour on the rocks and accentuates the striking profiles of the terrain, lending the area even more magical aura.



El Tapadero can be accessed via the JH-1755 (the road which crosses the Las Villas mountains), which links the municipalities of Villanueva del Arzobispo and Tranco. The location of the viewing point is well signposted.

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