Segura Valley

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Segura Valley

In the village of Huelga Utrera, the River Segura incorporates its first tributary, the River Madera. From this point onwards the Segura, now a gushing river, advances through its valley passing under a series of bridges - including a Roman bridge - and through villages which grew up around its banks and only survived as a result of their proximity to this watercourse. The road runs parallel to the river, flanked on either side by tall limestone rock faces, affording magnificent views of the mountains. As it passes through the village of La Toba, the river’s waters form the charming Anchuricas reservoir.

The hamlets and villages scattered throughout the valley knew how to make use of the river, building small canals and irrigation channels creating effects that we can see today in the form of large walnut trees and a number of orchards alongside the houses, irrigated with pure, crystal-clear water from the river. At these altitudes the river is still home to the brown trout, which only lives in extremely clean waters.

Leaving the Anchuricas behind, the valley heads towards Juntas de Miller where the Segura is joined by its second tributary, the River Zumeta. The two intermingled rivers now cross the border and flow into the province of Albacete. Here, 50 years ago, a hydroelectric power station was constructed in order to generate power from the flow of these two rivers.

It is worth taking the time to visit some of the pleasant areas around the valley, and thus get to know the real heart of the Segura mountains. Some of the options we recommend include:

  • Visiting the village of La Toba, a place where water takes centre stage. If you are not impressed by the cold waters you find there you can make your way up to the source of La Toba stream, located in an interesting-looking cave that is well known in the area.
  • Stopping for a rest next to Anchuricas reservoir, a peaceful spot carved out by the waters of the high mountains that you will find it hard to drag yourself away from.
  • Taking a stroll around some of the nearby villages, such as La Fuente del Esparto, La Peguera del Madroño and Las Gorgollitas (the latter boasts an amazing view of the valley).
  • Topping up your water bottles at the impressive spring of Los Cuatro Caños, situated between Anchuricas reservoir and the hamlet of Las Juntas de Miller.


The JF-7038 road from La Huelga Utrera to Las Juntas de Miller.

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