Cerrada la Bolera

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Cerrada la Bolera

Cerrada de la Bolera is one of the most spectacular and beautiful ravines in the park. From above, whether looking down from the dam at the reservoir of the same name, or from the A-326, on the bridge across the ravine, or from the viewing point at Peña de la Alcantarilla, the views are truly impressive. However, the most attractive surprises are to be found deep inside the ravine, an area reserved exclusively for those who practise canyoning. Water does not always flow through the ravine, however, as filtration during the driest parts of the year means that water often runs underground, leaving the sections above ground dry. Nonetheless, it is worth exploring the ravine to observe the attractive shapes that have been carved out by the river. And if the water levels in the reservoir are high, the aforementioned filtration process makes this excursion a dream.

As the old Iturralde Canal, now disused, fills with crystal-clear water throughout its length and channels it into the ravine, creating a number of waterfalls and torrents of fine rain. At such moments neither the icy waters nor the technical problems presented by the flow of water itself can prevent visitors from enjoying a unique spectacle. It is with good reason that this ravine is one of the preferred locations for practitioners of the adventure sport of canyoning in Spain.


We recommend…

  • Practising canyoning within the park, although you will need to obtain permission from the Ministry of the Environment.
  • Requesting information from the reservoir administrators (tel. 953 738 251) regarding the possibility of the sluicegates releasing water, in order to ensure you will not be surprised by torrents of water flooding through the ravine. 953 738 251)
  • Practising canyoning with a specialist guide; you will not require exceptional physical prowess or advanced knowledge of the sport under normal conditions. A number of different multi-adventure companies offer these services in the area.



There are two ways to reach Cerrada de la Bolera: the first consists of making your way to the Bolera reservoir, as the dam straddles the start of the ravine. A highly recommended way to observe the ravine is to visit the viewing point at Peña de la Alcantarilla: to reach it, from Pozo Alcón take the A-326 towards Castril and just as you are entering the park (there is a large sign welcoming you to the park after you have crossed a bridge at the end of a long, straight stretch of road, beyond kilometre 6) turn left off the main road to pass in front of one of the entrances to La Bolera campsite. Follow this narrow road for a kilometre until you reach a car park around 30 metres on from where the asphalted section of the road ends.

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