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Huesa is defined by the Guadiana Menor river valley, which is divided into two very different types of scenery: lush mountains and a sub-desert landscape. Few places can boast such as stunning landscape as the mountains of Sierra del Caballo (1460 m), to which this town seems to cling. The recently remodelled town centre of Huesa focuses attention on the mountain views that almost seem to be within reach from the main square.

Huesa is a small town in a natural corridor that has been home to many different settlers since prehistoric times. Up until the 14th century it was Moorish territory. Subsequently, it became part of the municipal district of Quesada but the town regained its independence in 1848.

The San Silvestre festival, held on the 31st of December, stands out as one of the town’s particularities. This unique event is very different to the New Year celebrations held in the other towns in the southern area of the nature reserve.

Huesa is surrounded by esparto grass badlands, which gave rise to a flourishing industry of esparto grass baskets. The olive oil industry evolved, however, and the baskets were no longer needed. Esparto grass weaving became a dwindling handicraft.

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