Villages Along the River Madera

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Villages Along the River Madera

Nestled within the finest examples of Corsican pine forest in Spain are the farms and villages that dot the valley of the River Madera. Two in particular - Prados de la Mesta and Arroyo Canales – stand out from the rest, although along the entire length of the road you can see other farms and hamlets and their pastures, where livestock will be grazing and where you may spot groups of organically raised pigs.

In Prados de la Mesta the fruit in the orchards that surround the houses is still harvested, although today the village is only inhabited at certain times of the year. The GR 147 passes through this village, in the direction of Los Anchos. You will also be able to observe examples of traditional rural architecture and other characteristic features such as cast-iron grilles, whitewashed walls and wooden doors burned by the sun. A little lower down you will come across Arroyo Canales, which is also known as Río Madera. Do not miss the St Joseph’s Day festival on the last weekend in August, when there is a small parade, music, dancing and, of course, the famous mountain bowls.

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