El Ojuelo and El Robledo

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El Ojuelo and El Robledo

El Ojuelo is laid out around a crossroads, alongside which is a small park and a hermitage. A little further on, a large fountain offers the perfect place to fill your canteen with fresh water and start up a conversation with the locals. Although the village’s Festival of the Olives takes place in June, El Ojuelo is known for its celebrations during the first week of August, when open-air dances draw visitors from all over the county.

If you cross the lush meadow in which El Ojuela is situated you will reach the village of El Robledo, nestled into the foot of the mountain of El Yelmo. A long street, lined with houses on both sides, leads to a small square containing a hermitage, while a little further on there is a building that is to be the headquarters of an "Air Centre", which will, given the nearby launch site at El Yelmo, focus on hang-gliding.

Situated at an altitude of 900 metres, El Robledo marks the frontier between cultivated olive groves and the pine forest. A forest trail leads off from the area up to El Yelmo, with the option of pausing at a viewing point that lies next to the trail and offers spectacular views over the valley.

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