Huelga Utrera

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Huelga Utrera

Huelga Utrera takes visitors by surprise, with its remarkable plant life giving rise to the sensation that you have stumbled into a forest from another part of the world entirely. The River Segura passes directly below the village and is lined with an impressive array of exuberant riparine vegetation.

Old vegetable gardens, converted into pastureland through disuse; fruit trees; ferns; pine trees; holm oaks; all are present throughout the village. The houses themselves are laid out around a square, so tranquil that the silence is only broken by the sound of water bubbling up from the fountain. Impossibly narrow alleyways and tiny windows from another era share space with renovated houses and old, disused public washing areas.

Huelga Utrera also marks the beginning of a short trail that leads to the Cueva del Agua (“Water Cave”), a trip that is well worth the effort for the spectacular cave itself and for the views of the stunning landscape around the village.

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