Los Anchos

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Los Anchos

From the crossroads at La Venta Rampias a narrow road leads to the village of Los Anchos. For the first 4 kilometres or so it seems as though the road will simply disappear into the mountains, but after a while you will start to see a number of terraced orchards that indicate the frontiers of human presence. After passing the first group of buildings, which includes the Alma Serrana Museum of Ethnology, you will arrive at Los Anchos and be transported back in time to a place of cobbled streets, a communal oven, a small hermitage and a public washing area where the watery reflections transmit an air of tranquillity over the village.

Los Anchos is still home to a number of houses that have hardly changed at all in centuries; many are made from wood and feature whitewashed walls and cast-iron grilles, while a rail separates the houses from the orchards. This is truly an unforgettable place in which to stop and enjoy the landscape. The village is situated on a moor surrounded by mountains and alongside the houses are a number of orchards, fruit from which is still harvested today.

The GR 147 passes through Los Anchos and can be followed towards the River Madera or La Toba.

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