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Marchena is situated on a slope next to a small valley, and as a result is full of alleyways, steps, ascents and descents. It is also home to tranquil corners where the silence is only broken by the sound of flowing water, and visitors will be surprised by the number of orchards in the town, which owe their continued existence to the fact that the nearest shops are some distance away. Nooks, tiny windows and doors designed for people from a bygone age, and dazzling whitewashed alleyways contrast with the deep green of the woods that surround this village.

In Marchena you will undertake a spectacular ascent in which you travel vertiginously upwards, along raised curves and large precipices that serve as natural viewing points. Visitors must keep an eye out for the houses built against the rock known as La Muela, or "the tooth", in the hamlet of the same name that they will pass on the way to Marchena. As in other locations, they will come across olive trees, fruit trees and vegetable gardens thriving amongst oaks and pines.

From Marchena you can embark on three short hiking trails: the PR-A 107, known as the “Moorish Farmhouse” trail; the PR-A 101 from Los Picachos to the threshing floor at Tutubiero; and the PR-A 102, known as the Mirabete trail.

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