Umbría de Cabeza Gorda

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Umbría de Cabeza Gorda

Despite its name, which literally means “Shadow of the Big Head”, the hamlet of Umbría de Cabeza Gorda is situated in a sun-kissed location and surrounded by typical Mediterranean woodland vegetation. It is an isolated settlement laid out around an open area of land that was once part of the old threshing floor. Nearby, cherry trees and a cheerful fountain welcome visitors to this charming spot. The buildings are traditional structures that have barely been modified since they were first built, although the most outstanding attraction here is the view: the hamlet is a natural viewing point over a breathtaking landscape presided over by the majestic crags of Calar del Cobo and Puntal de la Misa.

If you are a connoisseur of milk-cap mushrooms a visit to Umbría is a must, as it is an excellent spot for picking these delicacies. Moreover, there is a delightful, unmarked route leading from the hamlet to the nearby village of Cabeza Gorda, which lies on the other side of a hill known as the Morro de Cabeza Gorda, or “Snout of the Big Head”.

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