Route by car: Viewpoints

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Route by car: Viewpoints

This route traverses the first 20 Km of the A-317 road from Hornos to Pontones and Santiago de la Espada. It is a highly panoramic stretch of road with seven viewpoints where you can stop for stunning views over the surrounding scenery. Every viewpoint is equipped with a parking area, benches, waste-bins and wooden fences. Some of them also have picnic tables. Attractive tile panels help you to interpret the landscape and learn more about certain aspects of the local natural and cultural heritage



There are picnic tables at the La Morra de los Cañanizos viewpoint (Km 31). A bit further on, you come to the junction to Hornos el Viejo and La Platera. We strongly recommend taking the road to the town of La Platera, with a landscape dotted with houses and big ilexes, where you can go down to the Tranco reservoir for a stroll along its banks.

The stunning views from the Mirabuenos viewpoint (Km 35) are very different. Whereas the scenery from the other viewpoints is olive groves and countryside dotted with farms and villages, here you look out over high mountains covered in forests.

Las Huelguecillas viewpoint (Km 36) sits on top of a high point of land that projects out over a birds eye view in every direction and is equipped with picnic tables.

Los Pradillos (Km) viewpoint is the last one, and at 1 340 m above sea level, it is particularly charming. This section of the A-317 road ends at the bottom of the descent, where it comes to a junction that gives you two options: If you go straight ahead, you will arrive at Pontones and the source of the Segura river. This is livestock raising country, with an open landscape and broad views. If you to to the left, you enter the woodlands. You can complete your route by going back to Hornos de Segura along the La Cumbre and La Garganta roads (A-317a).

We recommend…

  • Los Goldines (Km 40), a ghost town of half-ruined houses that are a sad testimony of how their inhabitants had to leave when the National Hunting Reserve was created in 1960. The ruins are an open book on the mountain people's recent history.
  • The village of La Parrilla (Km 41), however, is still populated. Like all the other villages, it was very isolated until the road was built in 2006.
  • Do not miss a visit to the villages of La Ballestera and Montalvo. The latter, in particular, is in a superb setting. These two authentic mountain villages are well worth a leisurely stroll through their well-preserved streets. We recommend walking up to Montalvo to take in the scenery, although you can also go by car.


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