Linarejos Recreational Area

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Linarejos Recreational Area

Set in the midst of luxuriant vegetation, with the Linarejos stream running through it, this is one of the most accessible and popular recreational areas in the Sierra de Cazorla mountains and an important example of all that awaits you in the mountains: crystal-clear streams surrounded by green forests, luxurious riparian vegetation, refreshing coolness, pine trees and wild animals all around.

A few easy itineraries that are perfect for getting your bearings start and end at this recreational area, where you’ll find everything you need for a relaxing day in a natural setting. The area is equipped with an ample car park, wooden picnic tables and chairs, a fountain, a kiosk-bar (only open in summer) and a delightful swimming-hole behind a low dam that is very popular in the summer heat.

The wild animals that live in the mountains frequently step out of the dense forest surrounding the recreational area to drink in the stream when there are not many humans around. Fallow deer, wild boar and even mouflons have been spotted only a few metres away.

However, the busiest animal life is tiny: invertebrates such as dragonflies and delicate crustaceans like the autochthonous river crab breed in the stream’s pools. You are required to show respect for the mountain wildlife during your visit by not making unnecessary noise and taking away your litter when you leave.


We recommend:

  • A walk to take a look at the canyon the Guadalquvir river has opened in the Cerrada del Utrero hill. To get there, take the path that starts at the kiosk in the recreational area and turn left to walk along the banks of the stream. At the end of the path you’ll come to the spectacular Linarejos waterfall, but take care not to go too close to the edge.



In Cazorla, take the mountain road (A-319) to the Empalme del Valle junction. Turn right down the JF-7092 road. The Cerrada del Utrero path starts just before the bridge over the Guadalquivir river (4 km from the aforementioned junction). At 2 km from the bridge, turn left onto a track that leads to the recreational area after one kilometre.

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