Cueva del Peinero Recreational Area

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Cueva del Peinero Recreational Area

This Area is set in the midst of an imposing geological formation that resembles a majestic cirque in one of the steepest and most rugged spots in the Nature Reserve. Its natural outlet is a spectacular gorge with the crystal clear waters of the Aguascebas Grande river running through it. The river descends in a succession of waterfalls between large rocks half hidden by the tumultuous water and spraying foam. When it comes to the Recreational Area, however, the river flows silently and sleepily between the dense vegetation of willows, poplars, alder buckthorns and box.

The enormous rocky outcrops that close the gorge rise up more than 600 m in successive ledges covered in hard-to-reach virgin vegetation. The place is imbued with an unforgettable grandeur.

The soft magic of the evening light projects a palette of dreamlike colours on the rocks, highlighting their attractive shapes. These are some of the features that led to this spot being classified as a place of scenic importance.

Around 500 m on your way down, you’ll come to a small cave on the side of the road. This area does not bear the name of this hollowed out space, however, but of a rock shelter just beneath the refuge above the Recreational Area. According to local tradition, the name comes from a time when the shelter was inhabited in summer by a craftsman who made utensils and fine combs carved out of the box wood that grows in abundance in this area.


We recommend…

  • A walk upstream. Further up the road that crosses the stream you come to a small dam choked with sediments, behind which there is a pool of clear, transparent water that invites you to take a refreshing swim in the heat of the day.
  • A short climb to the high mountain refuge of Cueva del Peinero, following a short forest track that starts at the Recreational Area. The 360o panoramic views from this spot make you feel at one with the wild grandeur of the landscape, while griffon vultures and other birds of prey glide overhead.



Road JH-7155 (Transversal de las Villas), 34 km away from Mogón. You can also enter from the opposite end of the road, in which case you must drive 26 km from the turnoff on the A-6202 road (to Charco del Aceite).

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