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At... The Highest Castle we also recommend...

Guadalmena Reservoir

The reservoir is located outside the Nature Reserve, in the eastern foothills of Sierra Morena. The surrounding scenery is reforested pine woods and Mediterranean scrubland and the reservoir is highly appreciated by fishing and water sports enthusiasts. The calls of the red deer during their rutting season in autumn can be heard in the vicinity of the reservoir and on the farms in the eastern area known as La Marañosa. The reservoir can hold up to 346 cubic hectometres.

Cortijos Nuevos

Cortijos Nuevos is well placed as a starting point for several itineraries in the northern half of the Nature Reserve, to go to the top of the Yelmo pass or to visit the pleasant hamlets of El Ojuelo and El Robledo.

La Puerta de Segura

La Puerta de Segura is divided by the river Guadalquivir, where a promenade known as El Barco follows the riverbed. At the top of the town, next to the old road to Orcera, there is a path signposted as PR-A 197. It goes through the sheltered valley of Arroyo de Las Cañadas in a gentle climb past vegetable gardens, olive groves, almond trees and little farmhouses in a country setting harmoniously transformed by human activity.

Puente de Génave

Another surprise are the sculptures that appear in many spots in the town, owing to a competition that is held every year. Another attraction is the Water Route that follows the banks of the Guadalimar river and has sculptures and information panels at regular intervals, as well as several fountains. The nearby and delightful village of Peñolite is at the head of a fertile plain where vegetable gardens are still cultivated.

Arroyo del Ojanco

The town of Arroyo del Ojanco is located outside of the Nature Reserve and has a Visitors Centre with information on the culture of the Romans. The ancient olive tree of Fuentebuena, listed as a Singular Andalusian Tree for its size, is not far away.

Trujala Valley

The Trujala river, with its dense riparian vegetation, brings life to this small valley in the foothills of the Yelmo mountain. The mountain slopes area covered in olive groves and pine forests, and the hamlets are still populated. In the area known as Romillán you can see a Roman bridge dating back to the first and second centuries.

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