Tranco Reservoir

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Tranco Reservoir

The Tranco is one of the largest reservoirs in Spain, and as it also numbers among the park's leading landscape features the reservoir and surrounding area – known as the Bujaraiza Reserve Area - enjoy special levels of protection. The A-319 road runs along the left-hand side of the reservoir, where there are a number of viewing points, recreation areas, signposted paths and different accommodation options and restaurants, in addition to facilities for watersports. The right-hand side of the reservoir is for the most part criss-crossed by forest tracks and trails, while the start of the reservoir (the area towards the south) has several viewing points which form part of the Félix Rodriguez de la Fuente Route.

The Tranco is fed mainly by water from the River Guadalquivir and has a surface area of 1500 hectares, with a capacity of 500 cubic hectometres. A large part of the area it now covers was once the beautiful Hornos meadow and the Guadalquivir valley.

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The Tranco road is often fairly busy at the height of the tourist season, so if you really wish to enjoy the scenery we advise you to avoid the usual option of parking your vehicle for a while at the dam or at one of the viewing points and just looking out at the landscape; get out and take a walk! On the right-hand side of the reservoir there are a number of forest tracks, in addition to the PR-A 149, a circular, signposted trail which starts very close to the hamlet of Fuente la Higuera. On the left-hand side there are two signposted trails: the PR-A 193, which begins 1.1 kilometres north of the Tranco dam, and part of the GR-144, which you can join at its halfway point as it leads off in a pronounced curve from Hornos de Segura to Cañada Morales. Moreover, you will not encounter many steep slopes in the area around the reservoir.


The A-319.

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