Anchuricas Reservoir

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Anchuricas Reservoir

This small reservoir, sandwiched between dense pine forests and high mountains, is a delightful surprise for visitors because the water level is normally high and it actually looks like a narrow lake. Water flows in from the River Segura, once it leaves La Toba, and continues for 4 to 5 kilometres up to the dam. Depending on the amount of sunlight present, the water in the reservoir can take on a range of different aspects from an intense blue to an emerald green, which only adds to the mysteries already lurking beneath its surface.

Underneath these waters lies the old hamlet of Las Casicas; the dam which created this reservoir in order to store water for the Miller hydroelectric plant was completed in 1957, and once the water from the River Segura began pouring in the hamlet became home to only the trout and barbells which were born in the new reservoir.

Testament to the continued existence of the hamlet is its church, a simple rectangular structure much damaged by the passage of time but which still rises serenely out of the reservoir atop a mound, ringed by oaks, broom and cistus.

Griffon vultures are a common sight over the reservoir; the mountains which surround it offer an ideal refuge for these birds of prey and also provide spectacular viewing points from which to enjoy its vistas. The views from Puntal de la Misa, Umbría de los Anguijones and the peak of Majalón are possibly the most breathtaking of this area.

We recommend…

  • In the summer it is difficult to resist the temptation to leave your vehicle at one of the access points to the reservoir and enjoy a swim in a real mountain lake. It is also an excellent place for canoeing.
  • A circular route starts from the church in Las Casicas and circles the entire reservoir, passing through various villages affording beautiful views of Anchuricas. The route is signposted as PR-A 128.


You can reach the Anchuricas reservoir from Segura de la Sierra or Santiago de la Espada. From Segura de la Sierra, follow the JF-7038 provincial road to Río Madera and continue in the direction of La Toba. After passing the turn-off leading to the village of La Toba, you will see the reservoir on the right. The same road leads to the Juntas de Miller and climbs up to Santiago de la Espada.

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