The Headwaters of the Guadalentín via Fuente Acero

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The Headwaters of the Guadalentín via Fuente Acero

The course of the River Guadalentín has carved out a valley of immense beauty. The riverbanks are covered with lush vegetation: maples, ashes, poplars and gall oaks will line your route, while the river itself flows slowly through a series of crystal-clear pools that are home to otters and the native white-clawed crayfish, before quickening its pace through areas in which the banks narrow to form gorges. This is an indispensable excursion for anyone who wishes to become better acquainted with the Nature Park.

Approximately 400 metres from the Forest House at Fuente de Acero there is a path leading off to the right, which will take you to the upper section of the River Guadalentín.

From the Fuente de los Chorros spring, which is effectively the source of the river, the Guadalentín is overlooked all the way to the ford at Vado Carretas by a high, rocky mountain range known as the Sierra de la Cabrilla, which towers almost 1000 metres above the river and gives rise to a succession of cliffs and the colossal, ledge-like blocks of stone known as poyos. This range contains some of the highest peaks to be found in the park, such as Cerro de los Tornajos, Pico las Covachas and Empanadas, which all reach a height in excess of 2000 metres. These mountains also mark the border with the province of Granada.

Closer to the river, however, you will find attractive pastureland and abandoned farms and crop fields, with walnut and other fruiting trees growing alongside them, offering a glimpse into what life must have been like in bygone eras. Some of these farms are veritable oases of peace and tranquillity, providing a perfect opportunity to stop and appreciate the surrounding landscape.


We recommend…

  • Following the trail that leads from Fuente Acero to Vado de las Carreteras, in order to appreciate all of the various landscapes.
  • Taking a break in the forest of gall oaks you will come across during your walk.



From Cazorla, take the mountain road (A-319) to the Empalme del Valle junction. Turn right on to the JF-7092 and, after crossing the bridge over the River Guadalquivir (4 kilometres from Empalme) take the road leading off to the left (the JF-7091). After passing Nava de San Pedro and Estrecho de los Perales you will see the ruins of the Forest House at Fuente Acero on your right.

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