Cascada la Escaruela

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Cascada la Escaruela

Looking out over the waterfall known as the Cascada de la Escaleruela, you will espy a charming little stream, covered with vegetation to such an extent that you will barely see the water flowing beneath it. Lifting your gaze upwards, between limestone rock-faces, you may spot a gushing torrent with numerous waterfalls that are only visible at times of heavy rain or during thaws. Although this spot is close to the populated areas of Cazorla and La Iruela, the wildness of the natural world makes its presence felt here in the form of this spectacular waterfall, which provides a taste of the sights to come as you head deeper into the park.

The waterfall is situated next to Los Halcones (1448 metres), a mountain that is visible from any point in the town of Cazorla, and a natural rock wall known as Los Castellones (1820 metres), which takes its name from its fortress-like appearance. To fully appreciate the waterfalls it is necessary to ascend along a narrow path that follows the banks of a stream lined with terebinth (Pistacia terebinthus), a species that is particularly abundant along this route. As you progress along the path you will be rewarded with the sight of a magnificent torrent gushing out with such force that it barely touches the limestone walls that channel it.


We recommend:

  • Following the path leading to the right, next to the bridge that affords a view of the waterfall, which leads to the rangers’ hut at Riogazas. This is a pleasant stroll that will take you past a spring known as Nace el Rio (“the River is Born”) and a beautiful waterfall known as the Magdalena. From here, a trail leads down to Cazorla.



Starting out from La Iruela, go to the Plaza del Ayuntamiento, which is where the road leading up to the Hotel Riogazas begins. 5 kilometres from La Iruela, having passed two viewpoints with picnic areas, you will reach a bridge. The waterfall known as the Cascada de la Escaleruela is visible to the left.

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