Cortados el Chorro

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Cortados el Chorro

This steep cliff, situated just a few metres from the trail, is an ideal place for observing carrion birds such as griffon vultures and Egyptian vultures. Deep cracks which have formed in the limestone walls of this spectacular gorge are used by a wide variety of birds to nest in: mottled swifts, common kestrels and even peregrine falcons can be seen soaring ceaselessly above the Chorro stream, which is swelled by the meltwater running off the slopes of Gilillo and plunging fully 70 metres down into the ravine below.

You can enjoy a panoramic view of the Chorro from two separate points:

  • In front of the Forest House there is a path leading off to a viewing point, which has a stone wall from which you can look out over the spectacular landscape beyond. The white streaks you can see on the rock faces are testament to the presence of vulture nests, as they are created by excrement that has run down with the water.
  • If you continue just a few more metres along the track which led you to the Chorro you can turn off and head down a path leading off to the right, crossing a jagged lanchar, or limestone pavement, until you reach a steep chasm. This is the top of an impressive, sheer-sided rock face, and with extreme caution you can look out over the edge and not only marvel at how high up you are but also take in the stunning views and the sight of the numerous birds which live in the area or are flying over in their constant search for food.


We recommend…

  • Bringing binoculars with you, in order to make out the caves where the birds are nesting.
  • Making use of the wooden hide so that you can go unnoticed by the birds flying by and allow them to land nearby without fear. At the entrance to the hide there is an information board which will tell you about the birds most commonly found in the area, providing an ideal opportunity to learn how to identify them.



Starting out from La Iruela, go to the Plaza del Ayuntamiento, which is where the road leading up to the Hotel Riogazas begins. This road is known as the Carretera del Chorro. 12 kilometres outside La Iruela is the Chorro Forest House, situated to the left of the forest track.

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